Outdoor Wild Life Emergency Direct Drinking Water Filtering Tool Disinfection Individual Water Purifier Portable Filter Straw



Outdoor water purification device provides convenient, safe and clean outdoor drinking water

Reduce turbidity: filter out particles of approximately 0.2 microns

Pure physical purification, high water flow

No power/battery, or replacement parts required

Convenient, lightweight and easy to carry


1. Put one end of the outdoor water purification pipe in the water and suck it from the mouth.

2. Regularly blow air from the mouth to keep the filter clean and prevent blockage.


Filtration process: hollow fiber

Filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron

Water output: 100L/day

Product size: 180*22mm

Inlet pressure: 0.-0.2MPa

Scope of use: All outdoor activities and natural disaster water quality impact places

Effluent water quality: clear and drinkable

Package Included:

1*Outdoor water purifier

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