LED Solar Power Flashlight with Hand Crank Rechargeable Keychain Light Outdoor Survival Emergency Flashlight for Camping Hiking



1. Solar: A flashlight with solar and hand-crank charging. With the built-in battery, you can save energy for a long time without an external battery. Using crystalline silicon solar cells, the material is a solar cell panel laminated with tempered glass.

2. Design: The hand crank handle can be put and retracted, and the hand crank handle can be put in the groove, which is very convenient for storage. Classic design, durable, outdoor survival gear, the best gift for outdoor activities.

3. Energy saving: High conversion efficiency, 6 minutes to start for an hour, enough light for the flashlight, easy to use in the dark. Space saving, energy saving and environmental protection, the high-bright wick will never power off.

4. Portable: Ergonomic design, compact, comfortable and easy to carry, saving space for backpacks. It is a good helper for your outdoor travel and mountaineering.

5. Three LED lights: emergency hand-cranked power generation, hand-cranked for one minute (2 rpm), can provide three LED lights for more than 8 minutes. The three LED lamp heads light up at the same time, making the things in front of you clearly visible.


The solar hand crank flashlight works anywhere there is sun light, easy to use and carry, which is a good helper for your outdoor travel and mountaineering.

【Specifications 】

Material: plastic ABS

LED lights: 3pcs

Built-in battery: 3.6V/40mAh rechargeable battery

【Package Included】

Solar hand crank flashlight*1


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