50PCS/Lot Medical Alcohol Disposable Emergency Cotton Stick Iodine Disinfected Swab First Aid for Children Adults Baby


Ingredients: Polyvinyl iodine 5%, equivalent to the effective iodine content of 0.45% -55%
This product cotton head soft, each cotton are equipped with povidone iodine solution. Easy to carry, quantitative fast, clean and disinfection, safe and effective. Each individual packaging
This iodine cotton swab both are cotton swabs, the middle tube stored in medical iodine. When the use of the white side of the mark along the red line after the break, the iodine wine is slowly flowing into the red side
The red end can be used to wipe the wound. If you wipe too much, then the other side of the white can be used to absorb excess iodine solution. This iodine cotton swab can also wipe other wounds
Umbilical disinfection of infants and shallow skin wound disinfection and sterilization

Package including:
50 x individual ppc iodine swabs


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